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Scalar Calculator Reviews

🥇 10 Best Calculator Apps for Android to Fulfill Your Math Needs

“What sets Scalar apart from other calculator apps on this list is the fact that it isn’t any old scientific calculator; instead it’s a powerful math engine and math scripting language that will allow users to write scripts that are capable of significantly accelerating their work flow.”


🥇 10 Best Calculator Apps for Android | 2019

“Scalar is also one of the best calculator apps for Android. The app comes with a powerful math engine and math scripting language that lets users write scripts capable of working on complex things. This is an advanced app where you can create scripts. You can define arguments and functions along with using those functions and arguments in calculations, expressions and graphs.”


🥇 Top 5 Android Calculator Apps To Solve Your Math Problems

“It’s a perfect fit for advanced users looking for a calculator that allows them to create scripts to simplify their work. Additionally, the calculator also allows users to create highly personalized function charts that can be shared with other users.”


🥇 10 Most Useful Calculator Programs for Android to Satisfy Your Maths Need

“What sets Scalar aside from additional calculator programs with this list may be the simple fact it isn’t old scientific research; as an alternative it’s really a powerful t engine and mathematics scripting language which will enable users to publish scripts which can be effective at greatly hastening their work stream.”


🥇 What are the best scientific calculator apps?

“Scalar is a function calculator powered with a math engine and math scripting language. It features a simple and standard calculator, yet it has the flexibility of scripting. This is good for calculations, expressions, and functions graphs.”


🥇 8 Best Calculator Apps For Your Android Smartphone

“It is an advanced math engine and math scripting language for advanced users who wish to write scripts that significantly accelerate their workflow. It allows users to create personalised function charts that can be shared between users.”


🥇 10 Best Calculator Apps for Android

“it’s an excellent match for superior customers in the panorama of calculators that enables to create scripts in order to simplify work. “


🥇 Great Calculator Apps for Android to Fulfill Your Math Needs

“it’s a powerful math engine and math scripting language”


👌 Scalar Scientific Calculator Rips Through Advanced Math

“Scalar Scientific Calculator, Charts & Scripts, developed by Scalar Math, is an incredibly powerful scientific calculator app for Android. It may have a couple of rough edges but we suppose that’s also true of rocket engines.”


👌 Scalar Pro Converts Cell Phone into Scientific Calculator and Graphing Tool

“For all you mathematicians out there who think you need to lug around your scientific calculator everywhere – think again. You can use Scalar Pro to get pretty much the same functionality in a device you already have on hand.”


👌 Scalar Calculator Pro Makes It Easy to Perform Complex Calculations on Your Device

“Scalar Pro provides a great deal of processing power to crunch numbers quickly and show you the results clearly.”


👌 Scalar Pro Calculator App Increases Mathematical Capabilities on Mobiles

“Scalar Pro is an excellent advanced calculator and graphing app that Android users who use math will find quite useful.”


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it: “Mi sembra eccezionale. credo sia veramente innovativa rispetto a quanto visto finora nel panorama delle calcolatrici scientifiche . Purtroppo non essendo io una grande matematica non posso dare giudizi appropriati. però ho intenzione di studiarla un po’ e di esprimere qualche idea più precisa in seguito. Ma di primo acchito mi sembra straordinaria.”

en: “It seems to me exceptional. I believe it is truly innovative compared to what we have seen so far in the panorama of scientific calculators. Unfortunately, since I am not a great math, I cannot make appropriate judgments. but I intend to study it a little and to express some more precise ideas later. But at first glance it seems to me extraordinary.”

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de: “Ich hatte noch nie eine solche App gesehen!im Ernst! echt geil, gut designt. mit vielfältigen nützlichen Funktionen, flexibel! gut gemacht. mehr als ein Rechner ist diese App ein gut entwickeltes wissenschaftliches Tool für Schüler, Studenten und Dozenten. Rechnen, Funktionen zeichnen, Kurven analysieren, selbst Programmierung, vielfältige Funktionen für sowohl verschiedene einfache Rechnungen als auch komplexe Rechnungen. I say thanks a lot for this tool!”

en: “I’ve never seen such an app! Seriously! really cool, well designed. with many useful functions, flexible! well done. More than a calculator, this app is a well-developed scientific tool for students, students and faculty. Calculating, drawing functions, analyzing curves, even programming, various functions for both different simple calculations and complex calculations. I say thanks for this tool!”

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“For me it’s definitely the best app of this kind. Nice interface, the app is fully customisable and scripting is the greatest addition 🤗 it’s powerful, yet not too complicated to begin work with it.”

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