✉️ Math is fun – Devil vs Evil – what was the first?

A small puzzle – the picture presents a mathematical reasoning on the question “What was first – Devil vs Evil?”. Write in the comment an explanation (short) with the answer. The first 10 correct replies will be rewarded with a promotional code enabling the free installation of the Scalar Pro application.

Scalar Calculator - Devil vs Evil - What was first?

Please share your thought 🙂

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2 Replies to “✉️ Math is fun – Devil vs Evil – what was the first?”

  1. Devil.

    If we calculate the derivative of devil we get evil, which is another funtion. But when we calculate the antiderivative, of indefinite integral, we don’t get another function, but an infinite number of functions, with the constant c varying between them. That’s because the derivative of a constant is always 0, so the “original” one can’t be found precisely (in our case it was 0).

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